Jacksonville Hardwood Floor
Refinishing Service

  • Have your wood floors lost their shine? Do you have surface scratches or wear in high traffic areas? If so, we offer multiple services to revitalize your floors!
  • Floor Hero Jacksonville works with homeowners, contractors and real estate agents to revitalize hardwood and concrete flooring!
  • Get in touch with Floor Hero Jacksonville today to schedule your no cost consultation! A Representative will meet with you at your home to inspect, measure, and review your option(s).

Hardwood Services

Floor Hero Jacksonville offers multiple services to renew your hardwood flooring!

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Concrete Services

Floor Hero Jacksonville concrete coating services provides you with cost effective resurfacing and maintenance for your garage, man cave or driveway!

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Buff & Re-Coat Process

  • A representative will join you in the inspection of your floors to insure all rooms have been viewed and any areas of concerns noted. If the floors are a candidate for our Buff & Re-Coat service, the lengthy process of Sanding & Refinishing can be avoided.
  • We recommend you Buff & Re-Coat your floors every five to seven years to maintain a wear layer and protect your investment from damage (such as high heels and water damage). Floors typically need sanding and refinishing when the layer is minimal or non-existent.
  • Watch our informational video showing the Buff & Re-Coat process.

Do you have dull or damaged floors? Get a no cost consultation. Call us today!

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